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Contact with the office:

Tel. +48 58 511-15-19 E-mail: biuro@neptuntaxi.pl

Tel. +48 58 511-15-11 E-mail: zarzad@neptuntaxi.pl E-mail: prezes@neptuntaxi.pl

Tel. +48 58 511-15-63 E-mail: ksiegowa@neptuntaxi.pl Fax: +48 58 346-46-46

Zrzeszenie Właścicieli Prywatnego Transportu
City Plus Neptun Taxi
ul. Wyzwolenia 9
80 – 537 Gdańsk
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 583 283 22 97

Zrzeszenie Transportu Prywatnego City Plus Neptun Taxi in Gdańsk, using the abbreviated name Neptune Taxi, provides its clients with the highest quality services in the field of passenger transport. With each year we expand the range of services provided to individual customers as well as companies based in the entire Tri-City area. Our customers can pay for services using cash or payment cards, and for businesses we offer deferred payments and VAT invoices for all services.

We have more than 500 passenger cars including station wagons and minibusses to carry more customers. We are able to handle the largest number of orders. We won many tenders organized by the Voivodeship Office and the Marshal’s Office for providing services during elections, we work with key companies and institutions in the Pomeranian province. Most of our drivers have a good command of English, German, and Russian. Our cars are equipped with state-of-the-art computer-based radio communications system, which offers much more efficient handling of orders, guarantees speed and punctuality of travels, and allows the driver to communicate with the headquarters using a digital system.

We were trusted by the directors of strategic points in the Tri-City:

  • Airport
  • Morski Port Gdańsk S.A.
  • Hotels
  • Shipyard
  • Home improvement hypermarkets: Castorama, Praktiker, Leroy Merlin, Auchan
  • Hospitals: Medical Academy, St. Adalbert Hospital, Swissmed Gdańsk

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